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There are approximately 90 million dogs in the United States. Americans love their furry companions. This passion for canines is unlikely to change.

Cute though they can be, certain hounds are prone to biting. The damage they do sometimes requires plastic surgery or causes infection. Recognizing the signs an attack is imminent assists in avoiding injury.

Constant growling

Dogs make noise and grit their teeth when they feel threatened. Step away from strange dogs emitting guttural sounds or that are incessantly yapping.

Tail wagging

Surprisingly, dogs often wag their tails before coming at someone. How their tails sway tells us much. When hounds are content, they tend to wiggle their entire bodies. Hind ends go rigid when they are about to strike.

Fur raising

Hair on the backs of fearful dogs often stands up. Different breeds experience this phenomenon in unique ways.

Body tightening

Aggressive canines tend to stiffen. Ears and tails raise high. Their entire bodies freeze. These pre-pouncing postures are surefire warning signs.

Eye whitening

Anxious dogs experience what trainers colloquially call whale eyes. As angry four-legged friends move their heads, their gazes do not shift. When this happens, more of the whites of their eyes become visible. As dogs become frightened, their eyes tend to widen, thus exposing even more of the sclera. Of course, hounds with anxiety are not necessarily going to lunge. That said, uneasy ones are more prone to doing so.

Everyone should know the cues a canine is about to go on the offensive. Learn them and then teach others how to recognize the danger.