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Beware of Dog

Dogs seem to be everywhere people go these days. It is common to see dogs not just on sidewalks and in parks but also in or near restaurants and dog-friendly hotels. But when a dog bites you or a loved one while you are at a park, restaurant, hotel or any other public place or while you are lawfully on private property, the dog owner can be held responsible for your injuries. California dog-bite laws impose “strict liability” on dog owners. This means that the owner of the dog is liable to pay for the damages you suffer when their dog bites you, including if you are on the dog owner’s property by implied or express invitation. The owner does not need to have any prior knowledge of their dog’s viciousness for the court to impose strict liability penalties. If you file your claim within two years of the injury occurring, you may have a right to damages such as payment for medical bills incurred, lost income, future residuals and pain and suffering.