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Answering Common Questions About California Car Accidents

Whether you have been in a car accident before or this is your first one, you might have questions about what you need to do with your claim. At the Law Offices of Eric Hershler, APC, we hear from many clients involved in crashes in West Los Angeles and throughout the city. We wanted to take a moment to answer some of these questions, and we invite you to call us at 866-765-8147 or send us an email to schedule your free consultation.

How do I know what my case is worth?

The best way for you to find out the value of your claim is to schedule a consultation with our team. We can sit down with you, discuss what happened and give you an idea of what you can expect going forward. But, you should do that before you talk with insurance companies.

We have met with too many clients who have settled with an insurer for pennies on the dollar, never realizing the harm they have done to their case. They took the insurance adjuster’s word for it and made decisions that resulted in them suffering severe financial consequences when injuries and damages in the car accident have been more serious than anticipated.

My insurance company is pushing me to settle. What do I do?

Do nothing until you have talked to an attorney. While you might think that your insurance company is looking out for you, the sad truth is that this is not the case. They are focused on settling any and all claims for as little compensation as possible because, ultimately, that is what protects their bottom lines.

Do not talk to them at all about your case until you have had the chance to get a clear picture of your injuries and what sort of care you will need, which is needed to determine the real value of your case.

How long will my case take?

The answer to this question is going to depend on a lot of different factors. This can include the severity of the accident and your injuries, as well as the insurance companies that are involved in the case. There is no one-size-fits-all answer we can give here because each accident has its own facts and circumstances.

What we can do is give you an honest assessment and evaluation of your options when you come in to meet with us. We will look at your case, determine what we feel are the best approaches to take, and help you decide what is right for your future.

We are not a law firm that is going to simply drag out your case forever, nor are we the firm that looks to settle immediately. We put together an efficient plan that is designed to get you maximum compensation. Along the way, we involve you in the process and present you with information when important decisions need to be made.

Will my case end up going to court?

We make every effort to settle cases before litigation becomes necessary. That being said, there are some claims that simply cannot be resolved prior to trial. If we feel that going to court is the right move to make in your case, we will present you with that option, and you can decide if that is what you want to do. Our attorney is an experienced and accomplished trial lawyer, and he is not afraid to try a case if that is the best way to recover maximum compensation for our clients.