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Traffic accidents in the Los Angeles area happen a lot, and rear-end collisions occur every day. 

If you are the victim of this kind of crash, you may escape with minor injuries, but perhaps your beloved vintage Chevy will not be so lucky. What are your next steps? 

Experiencing property damage 

At some point in your driving life, you may have experienced a slightly dented bumper. Do you remember how much the repair cost? At the time, you probably thought the charge was over the top. However, it was a pittance compared to the expense of fixing the back end of your Chevy, which could amount to thousands of dollars. 

Gathering information 

In terms of insurance compensation, any information you can provide about the collision will help when you file a claim. For example, the law enforcement officer who comes to the scene may issue a ticket to the driver who rear-ended you. Proof that he or she was the negligent party will certainly make your claim go more smoothly. However, you should get the driver’s license number and contact information as well as all the insurance policy information available. Use your phone to take pictures of the accident scene and the damage to your car. You will also want a copy of the police report about the crash as well as a weather report. The latter is helpful if the other driver tries to use imaginary inclement weather as an excuse for the accident, which sometimes happens. Your attorney can use all the information you can collect when dealing with an insurance company on your behalf. 

Seeking help 

Your vintage vehicle has a big dent in the trunk, the bumper is hanging off to one side and you found the fin crumpled on the driver’s side. You cannot entrust the repairs to just anyone. You need a professional with ’57 Chevy restoration experience, but first, you need a professional with insurance company negotiation experience who can help get you there.