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Any injury following a car accident may become life-altering. However, one of the most significant causes of a change in the way you live is a traumatic brain injury or TBI.

A blow or bruise to the brain may have far-reaching repercussions. The financial costs of diagnosing and treating a TBI may drain everything you have. However, the emotional and physical costs may prove the most challenging to get through.

The physical toll a TBI may take

The brain is the central hub of the body. It is responsible for running every other component in your body. Much like a computer, when it sustains damage, the effects may become hard to get through. A TBI may permanently damage a part of your brain, which, in turn, results in a change to a corresponding body component. For instance, if the damage occurs in the part of the brain responsible for speech, you may lose the ability to form words or sentences. Thus, the consequences of a TBI may reverberate throughout the body, making physical and emotional recovery difficult.

The long-term medical care of a TBI

Medical care is expensive, and when dealing with the brain, the costs may become exorbitant. Since it is likely you will require life-long treatment, rehabilitation, medication and medical monitoring, the financial burden of a TBI is overwhelming. If the cause of your injury was an accident, you may consider pursuing legal recourse to recover monetary damages to help with the medical care your condition requires.

The brain is not an organ you can ignore and hope the issue goes away. It requires attention and care, especially if it suffers damage after a car crash.