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A car accident can result in injuries that make it difficult for you to go back to work and your normal daily routine. Although you may eventually recover from some of these injuries, others may persist for a long time following the accident.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that every year in the U.S., 2 million people get injured in car accidents. As you work on settling your claim, watch out for these tricks the insurance company may use to try and settle for less than what your claim is worth.

Dragging out the claims process

The insurance adjuster working on your car accident claim may try to delay finalizing your case for as long as possible. The adjuster overseeing your claim may try to do this to frustrate you to the point where you are willing to settle for anything later on.

Failing to respond

Some insurance adjusters and agents will try and avoid you in hopes that you will not follow through on your claim. If an adjuster refuses to return your calls and messages, remain persistent about trying to speak with him or her.

Asking for more information

An adjuster may tell you that they cannot pay out your claim until you provide more information about your medical treatment or the accident itself. The insurance adjuster may do this to delay your claim and find loopholes in the original story provided.

Waiting to settle your car accident claim can be a frustrating experience. Remember that the opposing insurance company is not on your side, and it is up to you to ensure your claim goes through.