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Motorcycles are as American as apple pie. Nothing compares with the feeling of freedom they offer.

Unfortunately, motorcycles are also dangerous by nature. Their ability to go fast and extreme maneuverability increases the number of accidents. Spreading awareness of their riskiness may help reduce traumatic incidents.

Why motorcycles are dangerous

Do not allow the fact far more people die in car wrecks than motorcycle accidents to fool you. The reason is there are simply fewer hogs. Motorcyclists are much more likely to die in an accident.

Choppers do not shield riders. When they hit an unexpected obstacle, operators go flying into the air. Accident victims in cars rarely go through windshields. Seatbelts and airbags are also there to protect drivers and passengers. Neither is present with motorcycles.

Where motorcycle accidents occur

Roadway interchanges are the location of many motorcycle collisions. Negotiating turns is inherently tricky. Motorcycle drivers are especially in danger when no traffic light is present.

Driveways and side streets are also a threat. Someone on a two-wheeler is vulnerable when another vehicle is backing out. Riders must go slow when passing through these areas.

Why motorcycle helmets are necessary

Although many bike enthusiasts dislike wearing them, helmets remain essential. Without one, the chance of dying on the road grows exponentially. There are also much higher odds of suffering a traumatic brain injury. Not all states require them. Despite the law, responsible riders never take to the highway without one. Pick a helmet that provides solid protection and fits.

Motorcycles expose riders to great peril. Every enthusiast should exercise caution when taking to the road.