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As gas prices surge many are choosing to ride a bike to work. As a way to save money and keep fit, this habit can be cost-effective and complement a healthy lifestyle.

However, bicycle safety can present some challenges. Follow these tips and tricks to keep yourself and your bicycle safe, and enjoy your cycling experience.

1. Consider a bike registry program & insurance

Your homeowners or renters policy may already cover your bicycle, but be sure to check with your agent. If not you should consider a separate policy. There are also national bike registries that can lower your premiums and potentially help the police to return it to you in a worst-case scenario.

2. Protect your bike from thieves

Bike thieves are a common problem. Be sure you have a sturdy bicycle lock and use it; if your workplace offers a protected or indoor location where you can store your bike during the workday even better.

3. Follow the rules of the road

Bicycles must follow the same rules as other vehicles in California. Ride with traffic, use hand signals to communicate with other drivers, and follow all the regular rules of the road.

4. Pay special attention to common accident situations

Studies show that when cars and bicycles share the road certain circumstances result in accidents more often. While riding, pay special attention to these situations that can cause serious injury or even death.

  • Cars turning left in front of you, either hitting the bike or causing the bike to broadside the car
  • Car doors opening in front of you
  • Cars turning right and cutting you off

Following these guidelines for safety can ensure your bicycling experience is a positive one.