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When you hire an Uber, you expect your ride to be safe. It is distressful to have an accident. You may wonder if you can recover damages for your injuries.

According to Uber’s own safety report, 99.9% of Uber trips do not have any safety issues. If you are one of those unfortunate people in an accident, you do have recourse.

Can I sue Uber for damages?

You can sue Uber if you are in an accident. Uber provides their drivers with insurance for accidents along with liability insurance. California law requires companies such as Uber and Lyft to have liability insurance. This coverage pays for property damage and personal injury as well as death. These companies must have coverage for up to $1 million. Because the drivers are independent contractors, pinning liability on Uber can be a challenge. You will need to gather sufficient evidence before you file a lawsuit.

Can I sue the company if another car hits my Uber?

You will only be able to sue Uber if the other driver does not have liability insurance. While California law requires all drivers to have such coverage, not all do. Uber must have insurance to fill the gap for other uninsured and underinsured drivers.

It is more complex if both drivers are negligent. Then you will have to take the matter to court and sue both of them to recover damages. The court will determine each party’s responsibility for the accident. The court will also decide how much each driver should pay.