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Scooters are a delightful mode of transportation. They allow users incredible speed and mobility. Aficionados zip from place to place while enjoying fresh air and sunshine.

Despite the joy that comes with them, scooters can be dangerous. Glitches beyond the control of the operator can lead to serious personal injury.

Sudden brake activations

Imagine riding one of these devices at full speed and having it stop on its own accord. Inertia is likely to cause the driver to tumble onto hard pavement. Severe scrapes are a distinct possibility. At worst, a head injury or death could result.

Sudden brake failures

Scooter brakes tend to wear down and become less effective. Degraded quality is typical with overuse. The peril in this predicament should be obvious. Crashing into an obstacle or pedestrian may well lead to tragedy.

Sudden shutdowns

Scooters have batteries that sometimes run out of power. An unexpected absence of juice might trigger a loss of control. The same is true for any operator who crosses an invisible boundary. Some brands of scooters limit movement to particular areas. Innocently passing over one of these arbitrary lines results in a complete stoppage.

Sudden handlebar issues

Maintaining a grip on the steering mechanism remains vital. Substandard handles can come loose or even fall off. There is no telling what harm may befall a driver who cannot steer.

Scooters are an enchanting invention that millions enjoy. That said, mechanical issues have a way of leading to harm. Allow a gearhead to inspect yours before heading down the road.