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In today’s world, no one calls a friend and invites them out for coffee so they can catch up. Why? Because you already know everything that is going on in each other’s lives, thanks to social media. Online expression is how most people share their news, feelings and events.

However, you should limit some information to in-person discussions. Here are three good reasons to never post about your car accident on social media.

Your words can hurt you

Should your accident result in a court case, attorneys can use anything you post on social media against you. You may post an innocent phrase like, “I didn’t mean for that to happen,” but a talented litigator can twist that into an admission of guilt in court.

You cannot “erase” posts

Deleting your post from your social media app does not remove it from the internet. If you inadvertently post something you regret, deleting it will not guarantee that it will not come back to haunt you. Diligent litigators can find the post and use it as evidence. Better that you do not post to begin with.

Your photos are admissible as evidence

The court allows your social media photos and videos as evidence in court. Attorneys can use anything you post to discredit your claims or “prove” your liability including photos and videos. This visual evidence can be particularly compelling to a jury, so be extra careful.

Posting about your motor vehicle accident online can only hurt you. Resisting the urge to post may be hard, but it is the best way to help yourself.