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An Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer Who Focuses On Your Recovery

Crashes involving semi trucks can be devastating for other drivers involved. They may face pain, severe injuries and extensive medical costs. Some may even lose their lives as a result of the catastrophic injuries they experience. Injured people and their families deserve to have guidance from an experienced truck accident lawyer as they seek justice. 

At Law Offices of Eric Hershler, APC, we advocate for injured people and their families throughout California. Our California personal injury firm has recovered more than $100 million for our clients. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to address the complexities of trucking accident claims. Just as distracted or drunk driving, speeding and inclement weather can lead to accidents, these conditions can result in truck and car accidents. There are many forms of accidents that can cause serious injury like rollovers, rear-end accidents or sideswipes. Unfortunately, the size and weight of a big rig, semi-truck and other large vehicles can lead to much more severe results in a crash.

Types Of Crashes In Which A Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer May Benefit You

Any large vehicle can cause a serious accident that leads to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. At the Law Offices of Eric Hershler, our car accident injury lawyer can also represent you in cases stemming from:

  • Delivery truck accidents: Delivery trucks are now commonplace in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. With the increase in online transactions, and the volume of deliveries, many delivery truck accidents may occur in residential areas. However, truck accidents are not confined to city streets. Serious delivery truck accidents occur highways and throughout Los Angeles. Our truck accident lawyers work hard to help families devastated from delivery truck accidents recover. We seek to maximize compensation–fighting for holitsic results.
  • Utility truck accidents: Utility companies may be private entities, quasi-public or government-run agencies. We have the skills to pursue justice for truck and car accident victims when the negligence of a utility company vehicle driver or company causes personal injury.
  • Construction vehicles: Construction trucks may become involved in an accident in construction zones, on construction sites or on the road anywhere in Los Angeles when travelling to or from a construction project. Construction companies and their insurers work quickly in an effort to deny accident victims the compensation victims and their families may deserve. We have substantial experience pursuing proper compensation for construction vehicle accidents.
  • Train, mass transit and bus accidents: Mass transit accidents may arise in a variety of ways. Whether a private bus company, a school bus or a public transportation bus or train system is negligent in causing injuries to drivers or passengers. We are prepared to help clients pursue compensation in a personal injury claim after a serious bus accident.

A Los Angeles Truck Accident Law Firn Poised To Prepare And Present Your Personal Injury Case

The involvement of an 18-wheeler can also lead to unique types of accidents. Speeding, slippery road conditions or shifting cargo can cause a trailer truck to “jackknife,” an accident in which the trailer swings to the side. In other accidents, a vehicle could even be crushed beneath the body of the truck in an accident known as an “underride” accident. We understand the differences in all types of truck crashes and know how to build a case in each.

Who Might Be Liable In A Trucking Accident?

Many different people and companies have a part in the operation of a semi truck, and the negligence of any of these parties could contribute to an accident. The individuals and businesses involved may include:

  • Drivers – Safe operation of a large commercial vehicle often begins in the cab.Speeding, drunk driving, distraction and other negligent behavior behind the wheel can all put others at risk.
  • Trucking companies – Trucking companies have a variety of responsibilities. Big business is responsible for following hours of service regulations and maintaining vehicles. If they push drivers to overwork or do not perform routine maintenance, that negligence could result in a crash.
  • Manufacturers – If companies that manufacture trucks and trailers sell a faulty vehicle, those defects could easily lead to brake failure and other serious malfunctions on the roadway. In the same way, the manufacturers of defective parts used in truck maintenance could contribute to accidents.
  • Truck loaders – An unbalanced load in a trailer can make it difficult for truckers to control a vehicle, especially in inclement weather or on roads with tight curves.

Especially if multiple parties were involved, these different factors can make trucking accidents particularly complex. Thankfully, legal options are available that can help injured people and their loved ones hold all of these parties responsible for their part in an accident. Our Los Angeles and San Berardino truck accident injury law firm has experience in these complex cases.

After A Collision, What Compensation May Be Available?

Because of the size and weight of large commercial vehicles, semi-truck accidents can lead to serious or even fatal injuries. Injured people and their families may be left without income from work and may face significant costs due to medical bills and damaged property.

Unfortunately, an insurance company’s initial offer may not address the many ways that a crash can impact your life. This may be especially true in a severe collision like a truck accident with devasting truck accident injuries. Having an experienced persoanl injury attorney to help you assess the true impact of your injuries and to negotiate with the insurance company can help you reach a fair resolution.

Injured people may also want to explore their other legal options. A personal injury claim can offer compensation for many of these challenges, including:

  • Medical expenses, including the long-term cost of care for injuries
  • Lost income due to time away from work
  • Pain and suffering