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You probably know that if you are in a car crash and the other driver is at-fault, their insurance will reimburse you for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages and pain and suffering. You also probably know that if they offer you a low settlement, you can fight it.

You probably did not know that you can boost your chance of success if you know these misunderstood facts and the truth surrounding them.

Your priority is moving your car to safety

Your priority is to move yourself and your passengers to safety. Then, it would be best if you prioritized the following:

  • Calling highway patrol
  • Taking pictures of the accident
  • Exchanging information with other drivers
  • Getting contact information from witnesses
  • Getting medical attention
  • Calling your insurance company

If you are on the interstate or a poorly lit road, you should move your car off the road. It would be best if you did not sit in your vehicle because a driver could not see and hit it. Additionally, if you have an accident in an area with slow speed limits, you should leave your car where it is. The position of the vehicles is critical for the accident report.

You cannot do anything until you have the police report

You do not need the police report to take action. You can obtain the document later, but it is critical for estimating your damages. It is also important because it proves the location and time of the accident and offers insight into who is at fault.

You need to know fact from fiction to get a fair settlement. Then, use this information to take the proper steps after a crash. Then, you will have the information you need to fight a low payment.