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While any accident has the potential for serious injuries, one with a commercial vehicle increases those odds.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 4,998 buses and large trucks played a role in fatal crashes nationally. Whether a semi, bus, tractor-trailer or delivery vehicle, many factors play into the effects of a collision.

1. More power

Considering that a fully loaded bus or truck may weigh a few dozen more pounds than an average vehicle, having an accident with one likely means more extensive damage. While a simple accident may have more cut-and-dry solutions, a commercial vehicle accident may have added complexity for the victim.

2. More serious injuries

The powerful weight behind these vehicles also means more potential physical damage. The odds increase for neck, head and back injuries. The force of the collision plays into the injuries, but people also often sustain broken bones and burns. Any spinal cord or brain injuries may leave the victim with a lifetime of pain and suffering.

3. More complex liability

Different scenarios factor into liability for commercial vehicles. Like with any other vehicle, fault gets attributed to a negligent driver. The owner of the vehicle may also have liability. They must ensure that drivers have proper certification and that equipment gets properly maintained to ensure no failure on the road. Although rare, the manufacturer of the vehicle may hold some liability if the vehicle had a failure not attributed to the owner or driver.

Anyone involved in any type of accident should file a claim as soon as possible to ensure equitable compensation.